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What is Thermonomics®? Watch Video

Thermonomics is a word we created. Nonetheless, it reflects a very powerful and very real idea: the process of turning waste energy into usable dollars.

Air conditioning and refrigeration unit are your facility’s biggest “energy guzzlers,” and can account for over 70% of your electric bill… even when they’re new and operating perfectly. After just a few years, these cooling systems start to rapidly lose their efficiency because of oil migration and buildup, costing you even more money.

We reverse and permanently prevent this build-up with a simple one-time application of our patented restorative agent, which was specially engineered for this purpose by a Dupont surface chemist. The process typically takes no more time and is no more complicated than adding Freon to your system. No down time. No interruptions. As a result, your equipment cools more efficiently, runs less, and therefore consumes less electricity. End of story.

Quick Product Facts

Thermonomics® is a space age, patented product scientifically formulated to increase heat transfer in HVAC and refrigeration systems. Thermonomics refrigerant enhancer was originally developed by three scientists and was awarded a US Patent after 20 years of development and testing.

The refrigerant in your system contains an amount of refrigerant oil specified by the equipment manufacturer. Over a period of time, this oil has a tendency to collect all of the impurities inside the system (as an example, oxidation from the welding process, varnish from the compressor windings, etc.) and form a stagnant insulating layer which impairs heat transfer.

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The Problem with Air Conditioning

Air conditioning and refrigeration units are your facility's biggest 'energy guzzlers' and can account for over 70% of your electric bill, even when they're new and operating perfectly. After just a few years, these cooling systems start to rapidly lose their efficiency, costing you even more money because the internal parts of an air conditioning unit, especially the condenser and evaporator, are designed to transfer heat. At the molecular level, metals exist as crystals, regularly shaped units arranged in an ordered recurring pattern called a space lattice or grain boundary. Oil migration and other chemicals form an insulated layer and hinder the heat transfer capabilities of the evaporator and the condenser. Over time this stagnant oil film buildup causes increased maintenance costs and considerable reduction in efficiency.


The Thermonomics® Solution

When Thermonomics® is introduced into the system its highly conductive and electromagnetic molecules embed themselves into the space lattice of the metal thus filling the grain boundary and stabilizing the metal surface. This molecular polarization will displace the isolative layer of non-polarized molecules and will not allow the refrigerant oil buildup to reform. The result is a surface free of stagnant oil hindering the heat transfer rate of the metal. Thermonomics® molecules greatly increase the heat transfer rate through electromagnetic heat propagation. Thermonomics® reduces friction in the flow of the refrigerant. The increased efficiency and increased life of the system result in high dollar savings.



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